Portable Electric Massager

Portable Electric Massager

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* Take a break from your daily routine with this portable electric massager

* With this portable electric massager, you will be able to relax in a few minutes

* It is possible to prevent many injuries by using this electric portable massager

* Enjoy a relaxing massage at any time and anywhere with this portable electric massager


* It is wireless and seamless, making it suitable under clothing.

* It's easy to carry around.

* It is rechargeable with a USB port for more convenient use. it is recommended to use 15 minutes a day for quick and visible results.

* Make your day more enjoyable and relaxing with this electric massager 


* Material: silicone
* Mode: A~F (6 modes)
* Frequency: 1~100Hz
* Output current: up to 9,8mA


* Uncover the transparent film on the gel patch.

* Attach the instrument to the area where you need to massage.

* Press the "ON/INC" button to turn it on, the light is always on, press the "ON/INC" button again to start, and the light flashes.

* Press the PROGRAM button to select the desired mode.

* Adjust the massage intensity to suit you. Keep pressing "ON/INC" to increase the intensity and "OFF/DEL" to decrease the intensity.


* 1 x portable electric neck massager

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