The Internet provides a display space that can stretch infinitely and can accommodate unlimited goods or drawings and content. In hh160, consumers are not limited by time and geography in either shopping or inquiry. In the consumer only needs a click of the mouse, the boutique is in sight.

hh160 mainly deals with multi-category products to provide convenience in our daily life. hh160 deals with various categories including home decoration, gardening, tools, pets, makeup, etc.

Brand Development
We officially established the company in March 2019.
In May 2021 we launched online shopping and created the hh160 website.
By now 2022 hh160 has served over 100,000 customers, providing them with tens of thousands of quality products at great prices.

To be the most well-known shopping website in the world

To provide convenience to customers in their daily lives

Whatever you need, it's right here on hh160.com

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