AMART - Multi-function Portable Light

AMART - Multi-function Portable Light

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Experience the Versatility of Multi-function Portable Light!

Introducing the Multi-function Portable Light! Whether you need it for camping or power outages. It's a lightweight, durable, and easy-carry light source that makes it convenient to take wherever you go.

Multi-function Portable Light


Multi-function Portable Light

Steady mode

With a long press of 2 seconds, you can switch to steady mode and enjoy uninterrupted illumination 

Multi-function Portable Light

4 Brightness Levels

It has four different brightness levels, you'll be able to adjust the light intensity according to your needs.

Multi-function Portable Light

Strong Back Magnet

With a powerful magnet that adheres to nearly any surface, you can easily move your lighting setup wherever it’s needed!

Multi-function Portable Light

Concealed Pocket Knife

Not only does it provide a powerful and reliable light source, but also comes with a hidden pocket knife.

Multi-function Portable Light

Bottom Threaded Bracket

This versatile light can easily be attached to any compatible male thread, giving you a reliable source of illumination anywhere you go.

Multi-function Portable Light

Back Swivel Bracket

Its bracket offers maximum flexibility while providing a secure base to keep your lights in place.

Multi-function Portable Light

Fast Charging

With its fast charging capabilities, you can go from empty to full in just one hour.

Multi-function Portable Light

Screw Driver

This portable light is designed with a screwdriver mount, making it incredibly versatile and convenient. 

Multi-function Portable Light

Hex Wrench Design

Its five gauge sizes provide flexibility to tackle a variety of jobs.

Multi-function Portable Light

Hammer Head

This easy-to-use tool can quickly break glass in an escape situation and is the perfect solution for anyone worried about their safety. 

Multi-function Portable Light

Ultrasonic Seal Welding

Our state-of-the-art design features ultrasonic seal welding and circuit protection to ensure long-lasting quality and reliability.

Multi-function Portable Light

Aluminum Alloy Hook Lock

This portable light comes with an aluminum alloy hook which allows it to be hung easily on bag packs, tents, and more!

Multi-function Portable Light

Bottle Opener

Not only does it provide bright lighting for travel, but it also features an Aluminum Alloy bottle opener – perfect for enjoying a cool drink on a hot night.

Multi-function Portable Light


It fits perfectly in your pocket or handbag and takes up minimal space. With a length of 94mm, this light is surprisingly powerful for its size.

Multi-function Portable Light

Built-in Lithium Battery

This lightweight and durable device is equipped with a long-lasting lithium battery and a high capacity, so you can stay illuminated no matter where you are.

Multi-function Portable Light


Product name: 12-function portable light 

Light Color: white light and red light 

Main light position: strong-medium-red light strobe extreme mode 

Product material: aluminum alloy 

Lighting time: 1-12h 

Battery capacity: 500mAh 

Focus mode: none 

Wick Model: 20xCOB 

Waterproof Level: Rainstorm 

Product Weight: 64g 

The product includes 

1 x AMART - Multi-function Portable Light

1 x Built-in Lithium Battery

1 x Type-C Data Cable

1 x Product Box 

1 x Manual
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